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This is very easy and Simple...1. Sign Up First2. Sign In 3. Go to Add Digital Card and select the Design and Package4. Fill up all the details, upload images and Videos of Products and Services5. Save the changes6. Your Mini Website is readyGET SET AND GO...Copy the link of your mini-website and share your mini-website link across all media like Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Digg, Blogger,   etc... 


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You have the Freedom to Make your own content and create links from this platformJust share your business pages links to maximum social media platforms and Promote your Business 


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Watch Ads & Make MoneyYou make your own mini-website and share that with your prospects.Watch videos and earn good money.

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Digital Business Card

Benefits of switching to Digital business cards ​The whole world is struggling with Global warming thus paperless organization is the need of the hour. TIV India suggests you go digital and never run out of your Business cards. At TIV India you can manage your entire team's Business cards as well as reduce costs and logistic hassles. You need to Stand out from the crowd and TIV India is at your service to facilitate you with various options. TIV India ensures that the Image and Business card stands out from the rest of the jumbled paper cards. Let your business card travel far and be remembered longer.

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Nowadays we have lot many social media platforms to promote our businesses. However, we need unique content, graphic designs, and videos to communicate our message to prospects.At TIV India we provide ready templates, designs, and customized designs at a very nominal investment. Let the world know what you do and what you have to offer. 

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A picture speaks more than words and Videos obviously convey much much more than that. We make customized effective videos at an affordable cost. Normally people hardly watch complete videos, they switch to some other work or platform while your video play.We have a unique platform and powerful system wherein a viewer must see your video completely with 100 % focus. Yes, we make sure that you get maximum returns on your investments.


TIV India bridges the GAP between Job Seekers and Employers. Job Seekers may submit their C.V. to our platform and their information is very much visible and available to Employers. 

About Us

Know More About TIV India

In today's Digital World we have to change before the change occurs. 

You have heard about Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, target ad, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Bulk SMS, as well as platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on.

The everyday challenge is to create effective content means TEXT, images, and VIDEO. Investing Time and Money is additional stress.

Digital Business Card, Website, Business Application, Daily Social Media Marketing, and Promotion, Generating leads, providing information of products & Services, Sharing Location & Contact details, Viewers statistics, etc. Leave everything to us.

We are ready with all required skills, applications, programs, technologies, etc to facilitate you in this evolved digital reality. We are a team of young aspiring professionals aiming to digitally transform each and every business.

TIV India in a digital world will enable you to transform your way of doing business. Our dedicated team and state-of-the-art digital platform will strengthen your presence on social media, digital tools, effective marketing, smooth flow of inquiries, and increasing Sales and Image building.

Normally such websites, applications, designing of advertisements, and Video making cost you too much high as far as time and money are concerned, thus many businesses either avoid it or compromise with low quality and cost, especially in this Corona pandemic times.

We are happy to announce that at TIV India you have FREE access to such high-quality tools, applications, programs, and our sincere support. 

Let's reinvent digital business models and implement them for your business success.  

Kishor C Dubey


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